The municipality can be visited along three different thematic tourist paths.


The municipality was named after Saint István Harding, the Cistercian abbot.


The village can be found on the two banks of the river Rába in the heart of its valley, on an area with fertile soils and grassy meadows, gentle hills, forests conveying calmness and small brooks.


The westernmost municipality in Vas county is located 14 kilometres away from Szentgotthárd at the meeting point of cultures on the Hungarian-Slovene-Austrian border.


The municipality received its name from the noble Gasztony brothers.


Kétvölgy is a Slovene minority municipality located directly at the Slovene border. It belongs to  the Slovene part of the Rába-valley and is a part of the Őrség National Park and thus one of the most valuable natural areas.


The municipality is first mentioned as Gardunfalva in a document dating back to 1350. The names of the part of the municipality borders, Avas, Sáfrány, Lugosvölgy, Róna, are ancient Hungarian names.


The municipality of Magyarlak, the eastern neighbour of Szentgotthárd, is located at the southern part of the Rába-valley in a beautiful natural environment at the edge of the Őrség National Park.


At the end of World War II. the German troops left Hungary at Nemesmedves. To commemorate our “liberation” a T34 Soviet tank was put onto a platform.


The municipality can be found in the western region of Hungary, along the Slovene border. The smallest municipality with Slovene inhabitants was first mentioned in a document from 1538.


The area of the municipality was inhabited already in Ancient Times. After the Conquest 896 A.D. a military watch-point was created on the hills to the south of the Rába river.


The municipality of Rátót can be found on the left shore of the Rába river. The most important building is the Széll Kálmán castle, which is a monument.


The municipality belongs geographically to the Vas hill region and is located on the edge of the hills overlooking the Rába valley.


The municipality is located at a distance of 7 km to the southwest of Szentgotthárd. It is mentioned as Zakonyfolva in documents dating back to the 1350ies.


The culture and traditions of three nations are guarded by our locatity lying where Rivers Rába and Lapincs embrace, Szentgotthárd, the most western-positioned town of Hungary.


Vasszentmihály is located at the meeting points of the Vörös and Lahn-brooks in the western part of the Rába-valley.