Brenner chapel

Many tourists and religious enquirer visit the chapel in every year.


The greatest touristic sight of the district is the Hársas-lake, which was created some decades ago in a beautiful environment by impounding the waters of the brook.

Monastery building

The Cistercians arriving to Szentgotthárd began to build ther habitat, the monastery. Today the mayor's office occupies the Cistercians's rooms.

Church devoted to the Virgin Mary

The church was built in the period 1748-1779 according to the plans of Franz Anton Pilgram in a clarified Baroque style.

Ágoston Pável museum of the Slovene National Minority and Local History

Almost to the opposite of the cinema we can find the Styrian-house built for the Austrian workers of the scythe factory. Today it bears the name of Ágoston Pável and is a museum of the Slovene National Minority and Local History.

Rábafüzesi Hianz Tájház

A 2016-ban megnyílt tájházbán több évtizednyi néprajzi emlék és érték található, amely bejelentkezés után bárki számára látogatható.

St.Gotthard Spa&Wellness

Our spa won an architectural standards award 2008. Our slides, the in- and outdoor pools provide unforgettable experience.

Kálmán Széll square

Maps from 1857 show that there were single-storey building on the Square.


The oldest monument of the town is the granary-theatre, thus it accompanied the history of Szentgotthárd over centuries.

Cemetery chapel

The old cemetery chapel of Szentgotthárd, located in a small grove on the left bench of the Rába river in the vicinity of the scythe factory, is still standing.

Castle garden

The Baroque garden, the orchards and the rows of trees were established in the Heiligenkreuz era, which is today known as the castle garden and it is the biggest public park.